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Accounts Payable: A Guide to Running An Efficient Department

2nd Edition just published

Topics Covered

This updated second edition continues where the successful First Edition left off, providing all the critical information and guidance top professionals need to run an efficient department, complete with coverage of the innovative issues now facing the field and new material on:

Encryption and digital signatures
Electronic invoicing
Purchase cards
Post audit firms
Petty cash
Vendor fraud
Supplemented annually to ensure the most helpful and up-to-date information, Accounts Payable, Second Edition is the one resource that accounts payable managers, controllers, and CFOs need at their fingertips.

Topics covered in First and Second edition include:
Part 1. Traditional Functions 1
1 Invoice Handling
2 Check Preparation Printing and Filing
3 Exception and Rush Processing
4 Errors and Duplicate Payments
5 Paying When the Original Invoice Is Not Available
Pt. 2 The People
6 Making Your Accounts Payable Department First Rate
7 Managing the Staff
8 Staff Motivation and Morale
9 Working with/for Purchasing and Other Departments
Pt. 3 Management Issues
10 Master Vendor Files
11 Terms and Taking Discounts
12 Payment Timing
13 Audits and the Outside Accountant's Management Letter
14 Alternatives to the Three-Way Match
Pt. 4 Travel and Entertainment
15 Handling Employee Travel and Entertainment Reports
16 Electronic Travel and Entertainment Handling
17 VAT Refunds
Pt. 5 High Tech Applications
18 Electronic Data Interchange
19 Software
20 Imaging
21 Internet and E-mail
Pt. 6 New Accounts Payable Topics
22 Purchasing Card
23 Post Audit Firms
24 Benchmarking
Pt. 7 Other Accounts Payable Topics
25 1099s
26 Petty Cash
27 Making International Payments
Pt. 8 Fraud
28 Check Fraud
29 Employee Fraud
30 Vendor Fraud
Part 9 The Future
31 Professionalism in the Field
32 Success Stories

Please Note:
Because of the rapidly changing nature of information in this field, this product is updated with annual supplements or with future editions. Additional topics covered in the Supplements include:
Sales and Use Tax
Vendor Master File Set-up Procedures
Getting A Customer Service Mentality in A/P
and much, much more