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New Payment World

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New Payment World: A Manager's Guide to Creating an Efficient Payment Process

In the past five years, the number of electronic payments that U.S. companies have made has doubled while the number of checks written has started to decline. With increasingly more vendors requiring their customers to pay electronically, corporations will be seeking guidance on the alternatives that are available to them. That guidance is here.

Holding conventional payment functions up to the light of day, New Payment World: A Manager's Guide to Creating an Efficient Payment Process is a revolutionary guide to creating a successful electronic payments process for the modern corporation. Insightful and highly readable, its practical approach to the payment alternatives available to corporations provides an abundance of best practice ideas for accounting managers, auditors, and CFOs.

Written by esteemed author and accounting expert Mary Schaeffer, New Payment World begins with an eye-opening overview of how organizations of all types are paying their bills today and how they think they will be paying invoices five years from now. This guide covers a myriad of topics, including:

* International payments and letters of credit

* The underpinnings of the payment tools currently in use in business-to-business interactions

* An in-depth analysis of payment tools including paper checks, wire transfers and electronic data interchange, p?cards, e-payments, ACH credits and debits, and use of the petty cash box

* Outsourcing

* Sarbanes-Oxley and internal controls

* Check fraud: Prevention tools and techniques

* ACH fraud: Prevention tools and techniques

A thorough introduction to every aspect of the payment process, New Payment World is an authoritative guide filled with immediately useful advice to setting up the payment process that works best for your organization.