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Travel & Entertainment Best Practices

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Travel and Entertainment Best Practices is a comprehensive guide for putting in place a T&E process that is efficient, effective, and compliant with government regulations. Written in easy-to-understand language, the book spells out today's best practices from leading-edge companies for T&E expense reporting, approval, review, and reimbursement.

Accounting expert Mary Schaeffer offers an overview of the factors that have played a role in the evolution of the T&E function and stresses the vital importance of the approval process, or more to the point, the incorrect application of the approval functionality. She includes realistic suggestions on how to handle situations that occur when managers approve travel items in direct conflict with the written corporate T&E policy.

Travel and Entertainment Best Practices is a must-have guide that covers a broad range of topics including information about:

* The appropriate IRS requirements that need to be incorporated into the organization's policy and how to ensure these requirements are met by its employees

* How to obtain, handle, and store receipts for items your travelers claim on their expense reports

* Creating a solid T&E policy and procedure manual

* Solutions to the headaches that often vex the staff responsible for the processing of T&E information

* Common ways employees try to steal from companies and straightforward solutions to fraud

In addition, the book examines how automation affects the T&E reporting, review, and reimbursement functions, and contains information on T&E issues concerning international travel. Travel and Entertainment Best Practices also includes advice for negotiating contracts for employee travel.