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Accounts Payable Education 

Introducing Mary S. Schaeffer

Mary S. Schaeffer, founder of AP Now, has been creating content around the accounts payable (AP) function for 20+ years. This material takes the form of a twice-a-week free ezine, a weekly podcast, the AP Now YouTube channel with approximately 500 videos, a monthly newsletter, a variety of courses for accountants and AP professionals, numerous webinars, and of course books. She has been named a Top 100 AP Influencer several years in a row.


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AP Now Podcast and YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel, with approximately 500 videos, is especially designed for those who work in, manage, have responsibility for, or provide services to the accounts payable function. Videos range from two minutes to one hour, with most in the five-to-fifteen-minute range. We also recently started posting YouTube shorts, so there are quite a few even shorter videos.


Topics include: AP fundamentals, best practices, internal controls, purchase orders, invoice processing, payments, commercial cards (e.g., purchasing cards/p-cards, corporate cards), 1099 reporting, master vendor file, ChatGPT, and much more.  


Learn more about the AP podcast.


Check out the AP Now YouTube channel.



Accounts Payable Books

Anyone who works in or with the accounts payable function will benefit from Mary Schaeffer's books, which are available from Amazon and other online sellers.


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Just for Fun: Wordle

Secondary to her love of accounts payable, Mary Schaeffer is a big fan of Wordle. Check out her Wordle resources: