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Welcome and a little information about Mary Schaeffer's work
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Mary S. Schaeffer is the editorial director and publisher of Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow (, a CRYSTALLUS, Inc. publication. She also directs the consulting practice for the firm.

After spending fifteen years in the corporate financial community, Mary S. Schaeffer (formerly Mary Schacht Ludwig) shifted her focus and began writing about what she had formerly practiced. For the last ten years she has worked as a business and financial writer.

She is a nationally-recognized expert on accounts payable and is quoted frequently on this and other finance topics. Information about her newsletter, complimentary AP e-zine and other work can be viewed at

The e-zine, e-AP News is fast becoming the must read publication by professionals interested in payment issues. She'll add you to the distribution of her weekly e-zine if you send her a note at

She has authored ten books for John Wiley & Sons and two for McGraw-Hill and has recently signed contracts with Wiley for another. Her most recent book, New Payment World was published in July 2007. She is also the author of The Controllers and CFO's Guide to Accounts Payable, published in November 2006, and Accounts Payable & Sarbanes Oxley: Strenthening Your Internal Controls and many other business titles.

Most of her books, including all those mentioned above, have been published by John Wiley & Sons. These books, like all books published by John Wiley, can be ordered at a 15% discount by going to and clicking on the Wiley link.

Additionally, she occasionally writes and consults about other varied topics that interest her.

She can be reached at (302)836 0540, or by email at or

Note: All of Mr. Duffy's royalties from this project go directly to the KBW Family Fund to help support the families of the employees lost on 9/11.

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