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Accounts Payable Podcast


About the AP Podcast

Worried about keeping up with changing best practices, new frauds, new technology, ever-increasing regulatory concerns, and new processes impacting your accounts payable function? Or maybe you are just looking for insight on a wide range of AP topics. Whatever the case, this podcast, hosted by Mary Schaeffer, one of the leading accounts payable experts, is for you.


The podcast features trends, insights and emerging issues in accounts payable. It is available on popular apps, such as:


Topics include: AP fundamentals, best practices, internal controls, purchase orders, invoice processing, payments, commercial cards (e.g., purchasing cards/p-cards, corporate cards), 1099 reporting, master vendor file, ChatGPT, and much more.


AP Now YouTube Channel Preview

New episodes are posted every Tuesday and Thursday. And because we like to have a little fun, we occasionally post a Wordle or other puzzle-related video. This YouTube channel is especially designed for those who work in, manage, have responsibility for, or provide services to the accounts payable function - except of course, the Wordle videos, which are for everyone.